suppository packaging

strip ware

roll ware

A further speciality on our prodution programme are the high quality plastic suppository packagings.
These are available in bars (strips) with 10/12/20/24 individual cells and reels.
The filling volume per cell lies between 1,0 and 3,4 ml.

We have set new standards for the packaging industry with this pour packaging.

The pour packaging guarantees hygenic contents, is suitable for tropical conditions and easy to open. It remains dimensionaly stable even at temperatures above the melting point of the product to be packed poured.

Further development has led to even more convenience:

  • a perforation allowing easy seperation of the individual cells
  • "Tear-open slot" and "Tear-open strap" (in different variants) to ensure easy use

Of course all products can also be supplied with centered print (front- and backside).
Individual specific requirements can be projected after detailed discussion.

Our Suppository packagings are suitable for all kind of filling machines.
Also we are be able to make a contact with a contract filler.